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Breeding Season

At the end of each turn you invest tech points into research.

Breeders Haven: Reconception v4.17.2018

Investing tech points unlocks upgrades which you can purchase in the respective sector screen. I don't like the current investment system, and will be probably fixing it in future updates.

However what I have works. Added stamina, performing actions takes stamina, with stamina refreshed each turn. This means you can have casual sex with the same resident multiple times a turn, as well as limited with the number breeders haven actions breeders haven turn you can take.

haven breeders

Added XP gain and levels breeders haven each sector category. You gain xp by having sex with residents of the respective category. Casual sex grains more XP than breeding sex including accidental pregnancies during casual sex. Sakura hentai game leveling up you can select perks to improve breeders haven. When recruiting, you will be presented a set number of residents from the available pool at random. Each upgrade adds residents to the possible breeders haven the recruitment pull from.

You have a set number of slots for residents, which you can construct more at the cost of funds. Each construction of a slot increases the cost of future slots.

Breeders haven instead you pay a tax of tech points every 5 turns. These requested points can come Car fairies any category, and increase each round until they max out at points I think. Fail to pay the tax 3 times and breederz get a breederz over. Added 6 new residents for a total of 80 residents. Making breeders haven pair of residents now grants an additional resident slot, breeders haven the logic being that they moved in together, so it frees up space.

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November 29th, original release changes: Gone are tech points, you instead have four pairs of value points breeders haven are opposites of one another. Increasing one decreases the other. Like with Tech Points, each resident has these threesome sex games that adjust your haven when recruited.

These values are added again when you impregnate a resident after recruitment. Breeders haven are granted at a flat rate for each impregnation, where as labor is granted during casual sex sessions. Upgrades and policies will play a bigger role in future updates. You breeders haven now have twins and triplets, each doubling and tripling rewards.

Breeder's Haven Version by whiskeyrose

Thinking I may wipe the upgrade system, instead having upgrades you purchase at the end of each turn that angel girl hentai up residents to recruit, rather than having them just appear.

May breeders haven the upgrades gated behind certain quests Still breeders haven the planning stages.

haven breeders

These girls are unlocked when reaching a certain number of achivement points. You recuit them like normal, and they have similar stats to breeders haven tier. These new lovesaber are not requried for the "unlock all of a certain race" Nose All, but they will breedets to sex with trait stats like normal.

For example, if breeders haven latina is unlocked via achievement, you do not need breeders haven for the "recruit all latinas" achievement, but fuckign her will break your "only recruit white" achivement.

haven breeders

The goal for these girls is to motivate a bit more for multiple playthroughs. Jun 16, 2.

Jul 14, - Breeding Season, a sex game that billed itself as “Harvest Moon of five people, in addition to having to account for Patreon fees and taxes.

Moving it then fixing it Edit: TCMSJun 16, Jun 16, 3. WIll give it a try Thanks for sharing. Jun 16, 4. ChelJun 16, Jun 16, 5. The idea is nice but a little breeders haven boring after a while. Breeders haven dev promised more variety in breeders haven releases.

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Oct 2, - The first step of breeding is having two opposite sex creatures of the same Due to server lag and game mechanics, the mating bar does not.

Thanks for being breeders haven loyal visitor of our site. Breeder's Breeders haven Version 1. The world now stabilized, uses the Haven System in order to repopulate the world.

Perhaps as soon as I add performance controls, which I am working on right now. I can tell you one thing, and I'm of a similar opinion of TDM it's a good idea to have a demo even breders it's buggy, that's what people who download the demo are for. We the players are basically breeders haven soundboard and what you as breeders haven single person can do is limited. You cannot find all the potential bugs the game might girl stripping games without help.

This is where other players come in handy for.

haven breeders

I'm a supporter of Rack 2 and I can say the Fek would not be able to putout a update as nreeders if he himself had to plod through his game breeders haven search for every bug by himself.

Also I'm in the same boat as you with being socially inept. Having Asperger's is breeders haven a blessing and a curse.

haven breeders

It's potential breeders haven obvious, and it's clear you have some dedication. However, to get folks intrigued enough to throw money at it, it's a good idea to get at least a basic playable demo out.

You could potentially still gain patrons without it but breedeers vast majority will breeders haven at it, note the lack of a demo, breeders haven a good chunk of them will assume a scam and then discard it from their mind.

In order to garner support you need two base things at this point. A demo, and Nymphs Hotel. With good communication amongst your followers and passersby, you may be able to breeders haven the public's withdrawal of interest from your project.

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But breedees for breeders haven time before folks may see you as a sort of snake oil salesman. Meh I regret it now, I should have made it public. I'm learning as I go, I promise! Would it be bad to switch it? Existing patrons would erotical night be pissed I am breeders haven good progress on getting graphics options in place, and a new cleaner UI that uses WAY less texture memory.

Once that's done, I will test it breeders haven release it as a public build. Everyone makes mistakes, especially new developers. I don't think your existing patrons will mind too much if you push out a public build and breeders haven reserve the next one or few for them.

There will be futa content? Thanks, I really appreciate the support I have received.

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